roswell and sandy springs georgia speeding and traffic ticket lawyer
Why do I need a lawyer for speeding ticket and traffic ticket violations?

Roswell and Sandy Springs Municipal Court speeding tickets can have serious consequences.
While most speeding tickets and traffic tickets are just misdemeanor "violations" under Georgia law,
many people don't understand that some traffic ticket violations are actually serious charges.
State of Georgia may suspend your license
when you have several tickets, or just a single serious
ticket. Many motorists have their license suspended because they fail to appear on the traffic ticket
court date and don't know how to proceed when it becomes a problem years later. As an experienced
traffic ticket attorney, I will coordinate a legal strategy designed to minimize the impact a traffic ticket
has upon your insurance rates and driver's license.

Why hire Jack I. Klein for a Roswell or Sandy Springs Municipal Court
traffic or speeding ticket?
  • Save time and money
  • Eliminate or reduce points
  • Protect your license and insurance

Although all moving violations will result in at least two points on your driver’s license, the majority of
cases end in a negotiated plea (or “plea bargain”). As an experienced Roswell and Sandy Springs
traffic ticket and speeding ticket lawyer, I will do my best to minimize the impact of a conviction on your
insurance and driver’s license. I will try to negotiate a reduction to a non-moving violation with no
points or a charge that is not reported to Georgia Department of Driver Services.

The table below shows the point values assigned to speeding tickets and other moving violations.
The “points” are assessed against your driving record based on the date you commit the violation,
not the date you were convicted in court. If you accumulate 15 or more points in a 24-month period,
your driver’s license or driving privileges may be suspended. Some license revocations and
suspensions are mandatory and do not depend on points; these “mandatory” suspensions include
certain under-21 offenses and convictions involving drugs or
Aggressive driving
6 points
Reckless driving        
4 points
Unlawful passing of a school bus
6 points
Improper passing on a hill or curve
4 points
Speeding 15-18 mph
2 points
Speeding 19-24 mph
3 points
Speeding 24-34 mph
4 points
Speeding 34 or more
6 points
Disobedience of any traffic control device or officer
3 points
Open container
2 points
Georgia Driver Services will notify convicted speeders of the imposition of an additional $200.00 fee
within 30 days after conviction on a speeding ticket 85 miles per hour or more on any road or
highway or speeding 75 miles per hour or more on any two-lane road or highway. These Georgia
Driver Services fees are in addition  to fines and fees imposed by both Roswell Municipal Court
and Sandy Springs Municipal Court.
An experienced ticket attorney may be able to negotiate a
reduction in speed so that you are not subject to the $200.00 fee associated with Georgia's Super
Speeder ticket law.
Before you plead guilty to a Georgia Super Speeder speeding ticket, contact Mr.
Klein for a free initial consultation at (770) 971-0656.

Jack I. Klein, Attorney At Law, is a speeding ticket, traffic ticket, and DUI lawyer in Marietta,
Georgia, offering reasonable fees and payment plans and representing clients in Fulton County,
including the municipalities of Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Milton and the metro Atlanta,
Georgia area.

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