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Roswell Municipal Court and Sandy Springs Municipal Court DUI and Speeding Ticket Lawyer Jack I. Klein
Roswell ~ Sandy Springs Municipal Court DUI Lawyer
A DUI conviction:
  • may result in restricted driving privileges
  • will increase your insurance rates for years to come
  • will result in significant fine and fee penalties; and
  • will impact the status of your driver's license, causing a suspension, probation and jail!
  • will result in your attending DUI school and completing a mandated alcohol evaluation

A Roswell or Sandy Springs DUI conviction can seriously affect your employment and personal life.
We aggressively defend clients charged  with DUI and other serious traffic violations of Georgia law
in order to eliminate and/or minimize the impact a conviction may have on your life.  As a commercial
truck driver with a
CDL, you will lose your employment as a result of a Roswell or Sandy Springs,
Georgia DUI conviction.

In many cases, you may avoid a Sandy Springs or Roswell DUI conviction and license suspension
by retaining an experienced DUI lawyer. It is often possible to fight a DUI case successfully - police
often make mistakes, the Georgia DUI breath-testing devices are not infallible, and evidence of a
motorist’s intoxication is often weak, questionable, and cannot meet  the court standard of proof
beyond a reasonable doubt. Many factors may influence the outcome of a DUI case, including:

  • Was your driving "less safe"?
  • Why you were stopped by police
  • Any video evidence that may exist
  • Prior DUI or substance convictions
  • Results of field sobriety evaluations
  • Whether you submitted to a roadside breath test
  • Any intimidating behavior on the part of law enforcement
  • Whether you were informed of your Miranda rights
  • Whether you are alleged to be under the influence of lawfully prescribed medication
  • Whether or not police followed proper procedures on the intoxilyzer when administering a
    state  breath test

Given the impact a Roswell or Sandy Springs DUI conviction may have on your employment and
driving privileges,
speak today with Attorney Jack I. Klein, a  Georgia DUI and traffic ticket lawyer, to
find out what legal options in your Roswell or Sandy Springs DUI or traffic ticket are available under
Georgia DUI law.
Contact the Law Office of Jack I. Klein for a free consultation regarding your DUI or  
traffic ticket  in Roswell or Sandy Springs, Georgia.
Jack I. Klein, Attorney At Law, is a DUI and speeding ticket lawyer in Marietta, Georgia, offering
reasonable fees and payment plans and represents clients in Fulton County, including the
municipalities of Roswell, Atlanta, Sandy Springs and the metro Atlanta, Georgia area.

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